What are VimCaps?

These keys are manufactured by Signature Plastics and are inspired by Vim, the ultimate text editor. The Vim Caps Lock replacement key has been around a while but is usually only available sporadically. While these keycaps are great, I wanted navigation keys in the the style of the original ADM-3A terminal too.

ADM-3A terminal HJKL keys

Since they didn't exist, I asked Signature Plastics to make them for me. I bought extras so I could share them with other Vim nerds. Since I am a filthy capitalist, I charged money for them. The keycaps were available in SA and DSA profiles.

I did this project because I wanted them to exist in the world, and now they do. As I write this now, Sunday, September 25, 2016, I think the project is complete. For the most part, I enjoyed the experience. I may restock or come out with new colorways or profiles someday, and if you are interested in being the first to know, please sign up for the newsletter below.

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I intend to leave this page up indefinitely to memorialize this project. If you would like to have your pictures included in the gallery above, please email them to me.

Goodbye for now.